Hunting Lodge Hubertus, Hoge Veluwe

Hunting Lodge Hubertus

Hunting lodge Hubertus, Hoge Veluwe.

A 6 km bicycle ride across the moors of the Hoge Veluwe Park entrance. Finally crossing a pine forest into an large open space, it is suddenly visible from a large distance: the Hubertus Hunting Lodge.

Hoge Veluwe

The Hoge Veluwe is a large national park with two building, the Hubertus Hunting Lodge and the Kroller-Muller Museum, a museum of modern art. Both can be reached using a freely available bike on entering the park.

The lodge is six km from the NW entrance of the Hoge Veluwe Park, past moors and pine forests,. It appears suddenly in a wide open space on a km distance and looks bigger than it is, enhanced by the tower, the large pond, the broad plan and large open space. It is very much a stylish “castle”.

Mr Kroller

Coal was a lucrative trade for Mr. Kroller and he got so rich that he acquired a large piece of land and spent a fortune building a hunting lodge retreat. He contracted the famous Dutch architect Berlage who did many building already, including the stock exchange of Amsterdam. The full interior was also done by Berlage.

Immagine Kroller and his guests in the tower at 5:00 AM in the morning observing the deer and wild pigs.

Mrs Kroller-Muller

Mrs Kroller-Muller was an art collector and her collection is now in the nearby art museum named after her.

The depression of the 30th also hit the Krollers and by the end of the 1930s they went broke. Just before that, having no children, Mrs Kroller-Muller gave most of the estate and the art collection to the state.

Visiting the park

You need a bike to get around in the large park. The entrance has numerous, freely available bikes that can only be used in the park.

Some people just walk into the park and feel they can take a bike back, not caring about the shortage of supply of bikes. Especially after 4 PM, you may end up walking the 4 to 6 km back to the gate. An important tip, bring a lock for your free white bike. You may receive some aggressive comments from the Dutch but they will think you outsmarted them.

lodge a

View from a large distance.




Pond, view from the house.



Painted glass



Eagle, bronse sculpture at the entrance


Eagle, bronse sculpture at the entrance


Owl, brons sculpture at the entrance


Monk bronze sculpture


Ceiling in the library.


Ceiling in the library.




Tea set.


Ivory sculptures


Chairs in study.


Mrs Kroller-Muller.