Photo's from Dick Lust, Carla Beers and Jan Hoek from their trek in Nepal, October/November 1997

Here are photos from the trek that Dick Lust, Carla and Siem Beers, Jan Hoek and friends took in the Khumbu region of Nepal in October/November 1997. To see each one, click on the title in the first column below, then return to the index using your browser's "Back" button.

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Ceremonial body burning on the main river in Kathmandu. Photograph by Dick Lust.body Oct/Nov 1997
Valley with millet fields. Photograph by Dick Lust.greenval Oct/Nov 1997
Junbesi, half way between Jiri and Lukla. Photograph by Dick Lust.junbesi Oct/Nov 1997
Moving down to Lukla from Zadare Dandra around 4000 m after heavy snow flurries. Photograph by Dick Lust.snowpath Oct/Nov 1997
Moving down to Lukla from Zadare Dandra around 4000 m after heavy snow flurries. Photographs by Dick Lust (top left and bottom) and Carla Beers (top right).snowdown Oct/Nov 1997
Dancing boy at party. Photograph by Dick Lust.dansboy Oct/Nov 1997
Mount Everest (top left) with few clouds and Lotze (top right). Photograph by Dick Lust.everest2 Oct/Nov 1997
Climber with high altitude sickness at 6000 m altitude on Island Peak. He made it back safely with the help of one of the sherpa guides. Photograph by Dick Lust.hasick Oct/Nov 1997
Island Peak, top at 6200 m, glaciers at 6000 m. Photograph by Dick Lust.iwall Oct/Nov 1997
Kid at a lodge between Namche Bazaar and Dimboche. Photograph by Dick Lust.kidlodge Oct/Nov 1997
Party with dancing porters. Photograph by Dick Oct/Nov 1997
Porters preparing a meal over a camp fire on Zadare Dandra Ridge, 3500 m altitude. Photograph by Jan van den Hoek.campfire Oct/Nov 1997
Shelter for the night for the porters. Due to heavy snow they slept in the dining tent the next night. Photograph by Dick Lust.shelter Oct/Nov 1997
Sherpa women in tea house. Photograph by Dick Lust.woman Oct/Nov 1997