Photographs from Mart Vogten

Photographs from Mart Vogten from the Mera Peak Region of Nepal in 1998. To see each one, click on the title in the first column below, then return to the index using your browser's "Back" button.

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Mera Glacier from 5400 to 6000 meters altitude.martmera.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
Last camp in the Hinku valley. Note the frost on the tents and the Sabai Tsho Lake with the broken moraine dam in the far distance.martcamp.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
Tamang porter girls: onbekend, Sanghita, Parvati en Puterly.martgirl.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
Near the 4950 meter pass en route from Tangnag to Luklamartpass.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
Sabai Tsho Lake that flooded, at the glacial dam hole.martlake.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
Hinku Valley with river valley showing evidence of the glacial lake flood. Foreground numerous white Edelweiss flowers.mart10.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
Yak in the Hinku Valley, South of Tangnag.mart11.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
Between Shivalaya and Bhandar, teahouse.mart12.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
Lodge in Kharikola.mart13.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
Tangnag, view at glacial flood boulders.mart14.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
Phurba Sherpa, near Kharikola.mart15.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
Woman in Nuntala, with golden ring in her nose.mart16.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
View from Khare, towards Tangnag.mart17.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
Sign for lodgemart18.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
Shivalayamart19.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
Mera Glacier at High Camp at 5800 m. Mera Peak far distance. Mart hiding for the sun.mart20.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
High camp at 5800 m with steep drop.mart21.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
Mera Glacier at High Camp at 5800 m. Mera Peak far distance.mart22.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
Avalanche near Mera Peak (far distance).mart23.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
Monastory at Goli Gompa.mart24.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
Mart and Phurba Sherpa on Mera Peak (6500 m)mart25.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
View from Mera Peakmart26.jpg Sept/Oct 1998
Mart on Mera Peakmart27.jpg Sept/Oct 1998