Photo's from Jean's trek in the Mera Peak region of Nepal, September/October 1998.

Here are photos from the trek that Jean van Berkel and friends took in the Mera Peak region of Nepal in September and October 1998. To see each one, click on the title in the first column below, then return to the index using your browser's "Back" button.

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299 KByte map of the Mera Peak trek, from Jiri (bottom left), to Mera Peak (top right) and Lukla (left of Mera Peak)merama98 Sept/Oct 1998
Mera Peak, 6500 m, view to the North-East from the Hinku Valley at 4300 m altitude.temple Sept/Oct 1998
Prayer flags at the summit of Mera Peak at 6500 m altitude. View at Mount Everest (8846 m), Lhotse (8516 m) and Nuptse (7879 m), about 20 kilometers to the NNW.meratop Sept/Oct 1998
Mera Glacier and two summits of Mera Peak in the far distancemeraglac Sept/Oct 1998
Village of Nuntala (Jiri - Lukla trail) with young boy carrying leaves back home.nuntala Sept/Oct 1998
Apple House Lodge in Ringmo, family house of Phurba Sherpaapplehou Sept/Oct 1998
Boy of around 6-8 years carrying leaves out of the woods high up the mountains near Nuntala.nuntboy Sept/Oct 1998
Lukla, Everest Regionluklavil Sept/Oct 1998
Himalaya Lodge in Lukla, Everest Regionhimlodge Sept/Oct 1998
Porters in the Hinku valley with broken moraine of Sabai Tsho Lake causing a major flood on the 3th of September, 1998.mporthol Sept/Oct 1998
Porters smoking during a rest. All the porters smoke cigarets and pipe, including the porter girls.girlsmok Sept/Oct 1998
Mani wall (religious stones with scriptures) and the local dog in Goli Gompa.golimani Sept/Oct 1998
Porter girls between Bandhar and Goli Gompa.golipor1 Sept/Oct 1998
Porter girls between Bandhar and Goli Gompa.golipor2 Sept/Oct 1998
Karikhola, South of Luklakarikola Sept/Oct 1998
Kitchen boy/cook Lokendra on the Mera Glacier (5400 m altitude), view towards Khare and Tangnag.lokengla Sept/Oct 1998
Lukla airstrip with a Twin Otter plane landing.luklairp Sept/Oct 1998
Moonlight Hotel, after the Mera Trek which outfitted by Iceland Trekking. Barely alive.moonligh Sept/Oct 1998
Tenzing the day after the farewell party. Bit tired and hung-over.tenzing2 Sept/Oct 1998
Palace of the King of Nepal in Kathmandupalace Sept/Oct 1998
Sweater, head, gloves and socks made of yak wool. Warm but smelly.jeanyak Sept/Oct 1998
Sept/Oct 1998