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Parchamo Trek, photos from Paul Stevelmans

Female boudhist monks at Bigu Gompa. Oct 2000
Typical brown houses of Tamang Tribe around Laduk. Note that Sherpas have white houses with blue windows. Oct 2000
Path in the woods before Simigaon. Oct 2000
Same Oct 2000
Same Oct 2000
Forest before Beding, with fall colours Oct 2000
Same, with porters on the trail. Oct 2000
Same Oct 2000
Beding Oct 2000
Camp at 4900 m on the Tsho Rolpa Glacier, 1 day from Trashi Labtse Pass. Track up somewhere visible. Oct 2000
View at Parchamo Peak (6250 m) from Trashi Labtse Pass. Oct 2000
View from near Trashi Labtse Pass (5700 m) to the East at valley glaciers at 5400 m. Oct 2000