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Parchamo Trek, photos from Reinhard Haster

Main river valley of Barabise. Oct 2000
Millet field terraces between Barabise and Tingsa La. Oct 2000
Children in the field, just before the Tingsa La. Oct 2000
Meinhard cleaning up tourist trash at Yalung Ri High Camp (4900 m). Oct 2000
Early in the morning, ascend of Yalung Ri (5600 m). Oct 2000
Jeroen climbing the glacier along the Yalung Ri (5600 m). Oct 2000
Close up of avalanche near camp at upper Rolwaling Glacier (4900 m). Oct 2000
Paul in a steep climb from Upper Rolwaling Glacier to Trashi Labtse Pass. Oct 2000
Porters on the glacier (5400 m) between the Upper Rolwaling Glacier and Trashi Labtse Pass. Oct 2000
Meinhard, Phurba Sherpa and Ang Dawa Sherpa near top of Parchamo (6250 m) Oct 2000
View at high camp (4 dots in far distance are tents) on the Trashi Labtse Pass camp site at 5700 m. Oct 2000
Descending from Trashi Labtse Pass (5700 m) to the Thame valley (4300 m, far distance) Oct 2000
Simple lodge in Tengpo (4300 m). Oct 2000
Tourist (Meinhard) with Tibetan hat at the Tibetan market in Namche Bazar. Oct 2000
Colourfull welcome ceremony for the Lama of Junbesi at the monastory of Tengboche (3900 m). Oct 2000
Same. Oct 2000
Same. Oct 2000
Same. Oct 2000
Same. Oct 2000