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Besseggen Ridge, Jotunheimen, Norway.

Besseggen ridge, East of the main saddle.

Besseggen Ridge is famous in Norway.

Today it is 12 Celsius on top and windy. It feels cold. It is only 16 Celsius down at the lake. Rain started at 15.00 h.

Besseggen Ridge, some 200 m of 3rd grade rock climb, but .... the route looks impressive, like any ridge walk.

A ridge walk along Besseggen. This is a grade 3 rock climb, never very difficult and no dangerous drops except for one steep snow field and rock face West of the upper lake. Some 500 to a 1000 people do it every day, including small children and the family dogs.

Many will need the 7-8 hours and arrive between 16.00 and 17.00 hours. Rain started today at 15.00 h and was heavy. Many slow walkers will have gotten wet (and cold) today.

We arrived at 13.30 h, in time to take a shower in the DNT hut and catch the 15.15 h bus back to Oslo. During the drive to Oslo, we had heavy rain. Lakes and rivers were high.

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