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Enjoying comfort in a green hotel, Changi Airport, Singapore, November 2008

Palm trees along the large pool.

Same by day.

The recently built 4-5 star Crown Plaza Hotel at Changi Airport is a very comfortable hide-away during a stop-over after a first flight of 12 hours. Rates start at S$ 250 per night, about Euro 160.

They adopted the currently popular style of the garden hotels. The plaza is a bright green spot, surrounded by black tarmac of the airport runways and access roads. And air plane noise, I later found out later.

Magazines in the room invite you to other garden hotels in East Asia and Oceania. Very tempting.

The fitness room has one of the best treadmills to observe your style of running. The one on the left has mirrors on several sides and you see yourself not only in the front but also from the side. I had to run more upright again.

The pool is best, lined with palm trees, 35 m long and a bit shallow, only 1 meter deep. Very refreshing after a long plane ride.

Fitness works very well to overcome the 7 hour jet lag. I slept reasonably well. Next day I still had to do a 6 hour trip to Brunei, first 2 hours to get on the plane, 2 hours on the plane and 2 hours before I will arrive at the distant hotel.

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