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Picture Book: Dauhlagiri, 8100 m, Annapurna Region, Nepal.

Dhaulagiri I. Rock face of 3.5 km, from 4660 m of Dhaulagiri Base Camp (valley) to 8100 m (top of mountain). Right bottom, three trekkers for scale.

Dhaulagiri, an infamous mountain, very difficult to climb. Vertical relief of 3.5 km from base camp to the top. Together with K2, Kangchanjunga and Nanga Parbat considered the most difficult mountains in the world.

Porters are visible on the right, bottom side of the pictures. They are small, and give an impression of the scale of the mountain. We are going to French Col, the next camp at 5100 m, close to the pass going down to Jomson, another 2 days.

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