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Picture Book: Death Valley, Wild Rose Peak and Dantes View, January 2003.


Top of Wild Rose Peak (2700 m), view at Furnace Creek, Death Valley (-83 m).

Driving up from Death Valley at -83 m, we had snow since we passed the 1600 meter mark. The last few hundred meter up to the parking were tricky, despite having a Jeep Cherokee 4WD. At 2000 meters we stopped as there was too much snow on the road and decided to walk up to Wild Rose Peak. The trail was clearly visible in the patchy snow between the trees. The presence of such a thick pine wood forest was a surprize, given the barren areas below. The high altitude causes enormous climate differences, very hot down in the valley, a pleasant mountain climate above 1800 meters.

Death Valley -83 m), view from Dantes View (1600 m).

Dantes View is the most famous view point in Death valley. It is a short drive from Furnace Creek. The colours of the volcanic rocks stand out.

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