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Scottish Highland cows in the coastal dunes of Holland, winter 2007

Scottish Highland cows in a lake of the coastal dunes near Parnassia, Bloemendaal. Winter, 2007. Note the white calf.

This picture was taken from a 20 m hill near Parnassia. The zoom lens exaggerates the vertical elevation as if you are in a hilly landscape like e.g. Scotland.

It is the winter of 2007, the water is table is high and there are several 0.5 meter deep lakes in the dunes. Some trails are covered by water and you have to take another route.

The cows roam in this area all year, cutting down the grass and opening up dense shrubs, maintaining an open landscape. If there were no animals, the area would be covered in no time with thick bushes and forest.

I haven't seen a bull for the last few years. They may have been removed as they were causing problems, probably provoked. Those I encountered were always very much at ease, but still watching you, so you always make a detour. Cows are never interested in humans and look the other way.

The white young calf is rare, most are brown, like their mothers.

White calf.


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