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La Gomera, Canary Islands.

Cactus plants on the ridge North-East of San Sebastiaan, La Gomera.

La Gomera is a volcanic island with a plateau at 1000-1300 m altitude. Deep valley cut into the volcanic rocks creating scenic walking trails.

The North side and South side are very different. The North side has forest and is very green. The South side has sheep meadows with barren rocks and is much drier. Castus plants are locally seen, like in the picture above.

La Gomera has two long distance walking trails; an easy 5 day one with stop overs in villages with hotels and a more difficult 10 day one, where you will need to go camping for several nights. Maps have not been published as the routes were established as recent as 2004. The can only collect information from the parks boards at the trails and will have to draw the route on your own map.

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