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Ancient trail on the GR131, Vallehermosa, La Gomera, Canary Island, January 2006.

Sheep on the ancient trail down to Vallehermosa, GR 131.

We are looking down at Vallehermoso from the GR131. It is a steep 300 m steep descent along an ancient, paved donkey trail, from the times before the roads were build, several hundred years ago. The Spanish colonized the Canary Islands in the early 15th century and displacing the natives, Berbers related to those in Morocco.

Ancient stair case trail down to Vallehermosa, GR 131.

Next day, GR 131, from Vallehermosa to the main mountain range of the island, dark rain clouds in the distance.

Tonight it will rain again. The next morning started fine but very soon the rain clouds were building up and we had heavy rain crossing the highest mountain range on the island at 1300 m. Temperature only 13 Celsius.

The North side of La Gomera is a bit cool in January and could have rain showers.

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