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Picture Book: Huge 500-D helicopter, SW Newfoundland, August 1987.

Huge 500-D helicopter, SW Newfoundland.

We are flying back from the South Coast and meet another helicopter on the way back to the base in Pasadena.

I took a picure out of the window. The main rotor blades seem to stand still.

Below is the forest and swamp area of the Puddle Pond Region, South of Grand Lake, a difficult area to walk around. You have to follow the caribou and moose trails, else you get stuck in the thick bushes, called locally “tuckamore”.

At another occasion, when I was standing on the barren granite rocks of the mountain range East of Grand Lake. A helicopter passed by at low altitude. Managed to get a few pictures and had to react very quickly.

Helicopter passing by while standing on the barren granite rocks.

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