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Island Peak, Everest Region, Nepal.

Island Peak, pyramid shaped mountain at the base of the Lotze (top 8500) wall (height 3500 m). Base is at 5000 m, top at 6200 m. Photo taken from the Ama Dablan Mountain, 6900 m.

In 1997 I stood just below the top of Island Peak at 6000 m. The last 200 m were steep and you had to follow a ridge. Altitude sickness culminating in severe headaches and dizziness, stopped me.

We tried to reach the top from 5000 m a camp on the right side of the picture but going up 1200 m in a single day above 5000 m is difficult. You easily get altitude sickness and a better plan is to camp half way so you only have to do another 600-700 m.

The pyramid shaped mountain looks small but the height difference is 1200 m. This photo was taken from the top of the Ama Dablan Mountain, at 6900 m, by a mountain guide from Iceland Trekking.

Not visible is that it sits at the base of the Lotze Mountain wall with a height of 3500 m., see the Everest and Lotze picture

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