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Picture Book: Top of Mera Peak, 6476 m, Everest Region, Nepal.

Top of Mera Peak.

Last night we camped at 5800 m, at Rocky Ridge. W didn't eat much and went to bed at 7 AM. No one slept as we were not used to the altitude and most of us took painkillers and Diamox to fight high altitude sickness.

This morning we got up at 2 AM and left at 4 AM. At 6 PM the sun rose and arrived at 7.30 AM on the top, at 6476 m, the highest point I have ever been.

The route up was mostly calm with no wind and around -10 or -15 Celsius. From 5800 to 6200 m went okay. Higher up we went more slowly, alternating 30 paces and 30 counts rest. The last 50 meters up was a steep snow slope.

On top a cold wind was blowing and we stayed only for 5 or 10 minutes. Also, the longer you stay, the more altitude sickness you may acquire. It took us 5 hours to walk back from 6476 m to 4900 m, to Khare. This was the most tiring of the day, also as you quickly get dehydrated.

In the back ground is Mount Everest (8886 m) with its typical pyramid and on the left of is Lotze (around 8500 m).

Only another 2400 m to reach the same height as Mount Everest, but in mountain climbing the difficulty starts at 6000 m, below is just trekking, or a pick nick on a yak meadow. .

Spending two weeks at 5600-5800 m is quiet standard in Nepal, the height of Kilimanjaro (5800 m). “A nice mountain to go camping on top with a scenic view”.



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