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Mickey Beach, Highway 1, Marin County, California.

Mickey Beach, Marin County. Highway 1 is high up, just visible. View North.

Mickey Beach in the middle of the picture is the only nudist beach in Marin County. This is a well-known place where “old hippies” concentrate. However, once in a while the local sherif will pass by and give a ticket to all the nudies.

You really have to know the location, below a small parking lot on Highway 1, as there are no signs. A steep trail leads to the beach.

There are a few rock faces of up to 10 m for rock climbing and bouldering but the quality is not great. Still, this is the only place where you could do nudist bouldering without being frowned upon but we rock climbers don't do this. Somehow, it doesn't feel correct.

When we were there in August 2001, a young ballet dancer from Montreal approached us to participate in the rock climbing as he didn't have a rope. He stayed temporary in a beach home nearby, belonging to a female acquantaince which he got to know through his dance contacts and she also had apartments in San Francisco, New York and Paris. He was out of work but seem to get by and enjoy himself. Not sure why he was hanging around us so long but after a few hours he suddenly he disappeared.

Rock climbing faces, view South.

Rock climbing, route level 5.11.



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