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Running on the beach, Muscat, Oman, December 2008.

Young men playing soccer on the beach, view SE.

Young men playing soccer on the beach, view SE towards the Crown Plaza Hotel (white building far away).

December 2008, winter, it is a cool 20-25 Celsius during the day, ideal for running. Every evening the beach between the Hyatt and the Intercontinental Hotels is full of young Omani men playing soccer. When the tide is high, the beach is narrow, with loose sand, but normally it is wide and the wet sand is ideal for running, creating a flat hard surface,

I am tempted to join the Omani's for a game but they seem very energetic and play barefeet. I better do what a 50+ person does best when still fit, running 6 or 10 km. This is more friendly compared to the body and a contact-free sport, without the jerky movements of soccer and the pushing and shoving of your opponent. Injuries are no problem for young people, they will recover quickly.

From the Hyatt going SW, it is over 2 km to the Intercontinental, 3 km to a bridge crossing the entrance to the Al Qurm lagoon and 4.5 km to the Crown Plaza cliffs. From the Hyatt to the Intercontinental, the beach is wide and flat but at high tide the boulevard half way touches the water but you can you a staircase to pass [1].

Past the Hyatt is is more narrow and steeper with occasional small rocks. At the bridge there is now a dam. This saves an awkward running up and down the ramp of the bridge with boulevard traffic.

Arriving at the bluffs of the Crown Plaza at 5:30 PM is was already dark. This is the only down side in winter, early darkness.

I was now half-way. On the way back to the bridge, lack of vision caused a few trips on the smaller rocks. Bigger ones were still visible.

Between the Intercontinental and the Hyatt there are no rocks and running in the dark is fine. Never realized this. Also, several people do it.

In the summer, daily temperatures are around 36-45 Celsius but at night it is only 28-34 Celsius. In winter it is much cooler, with a daily temperature of 25-29 Celsius and an evening temperature of around 22 Celsius.

The beach close to sunset, view NW from the Crown Plaza bluffs to the Intercontinental Hotel.

Running from the Hyatt to the desalination plant, 2 km NW of the Hyatt. At sunset.

The pool of the Hyatt by night.

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