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Ice-bergs in Otto Fiord, Ellesmere Island, June/July 1989.

Ice-bergs in Otto Fiord, mid June, 1989. View North-East. Temperature 2 degrees Celsius.

Like a above but in late July. After: [1].

Otto Fiord is one of the few fiords on Ellesmere Island where the ice breaks up in the sea. This forms icebergs that float in the sea.

During a snowy weather in late June 1989 we followed the coast line of Otto Fiord to find our way. The fiord was still frozen but ice-bergs had a ring of water where the ice melted. This attracts seals as it creates a breathing hole and we did see a few lying on the ice.

The ceiling was low, only 100 m, and the light dim. Flying so low below the grey clouds in dim light with snow coming down and seeing the seals that stayed in pools next to the iceberg felt like an Apocalypse. We still had to find the target valley going up from the fiord in the clouds and felt we were about to see a polar bear.

Also see: [1].

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