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Arctic wolves around the camp, Hare Fiord, Ellesmere Island, June 1999.

North of Hare Fiord. Watching 4 wolves, white dots in the distance.

Watching a pack of four wolves in the distance. They are not really visible, just moving white dots in the distance, blending in with the snow.

The wolves stayed around our camp for a full week. They never came close, keeping a distance of at least a km all the time so we could not take photographs.

We left someone at home to guard the tents as the wolves could easily rip up a tent in search of food attracted by the smell of garbage.

There was a lot of snow this year and the lemming population was high as they could hide in the snow against their predators, snowy owls, foxes and wolves. The wolves may be more in need of food this year, explaining why they stayed around our camp so long.

We never felt threatened. Wolves do not attack people, at east not in the summer. But they are know to attack huskies in the winter.

See: "The white Arctic wolves".

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