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Short trekking stories with pictures

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TITLE (to click on) File name Date
Various short stories of treks or travels.
Preface, remembrance of treks past. preface.htm April 2003
Why travel? tointro.htm october 2001
Afghanistan, June 1974 afghanistan.htm June 1974
Asia, Nepal
Walk-out from Baruntse Base Camp to Lukla across Mera La: tourists, porters and Mao’s 2004lukla.htm October 2004
"Sir, wake up porter dying (Baruntse Base Camp, 5450 m, 4 October 2004)" 2004porter.htm October 2004
The 6150 m Ice Col Crossing from Makalu Rase camp to Baruntse Base Camp, from the Makalu to the Everest Region 2004icecol.htm October 2004
Late monsoon in the Arun Valley: rain, leeches and Maos (September 2004) 2004monsoon.htm September 2004
Steep stone path and an "In Memorial". steep_stone_path.htm October 2002
Sudden white outs possible. How four climbers got lost. sudden_white_outs.htm October 2002
Daulaghiri Round and Maoists, October 2002. 2002maoist.htm October 2002
Daulaghiri Round: Children and a PDA, waaaah!!! 2002children.htm October 2002
Pelgrimage to Muktinat 2002muktinat.htm October 2002
Treacherous trails in Rolwaling. 2000rolwaling.htm October 2000
Crossing the Trashi Labtse (5756 m), from Rolwaling to the Everest Region. trashi2000.htm October 2000
Apa Sherpa, 12 times on Mount Everest. 2000apasherpa.htm October 2000
Delivering pictures in Thame, Everest Region. 2000deliver.htm October 2000
Snow blind on Mera Peak, october 1998 1998snowblind.htm October 1998
A destructive flood in the valley of the Edelweiss, October 1998 1998edelweiss.htm October 1998
Sabai Tsho Glacier Lake outburst flood of 3 September 1998 lakeng98.htm October 1998
Early snow, October 1997 1997earlysnow.htm October 1997
Island Peak, November 1997: Borrow boots and a casualty. 1997island.htm October 1997
Pokhara 1974: hippies and tourists. 1974pokhara.htm July 1974
Asia, Oman
Oman, the trek to the Kahf Al Tahry cave near Fins. oman02cave.htm February 2002
Oman, Wadi Muhaydin and Saiq Plateau. oman03aug.htm August 2003
Oman, the Sayq Plateau: a wet August and Princess Diana’s Point. oman03aug.htm August 2003
Oman, Wadi Bani Awf: Little and Big Snake River Gorges near Bilad Sayt, August/Nov 2003 oman03baniawf.htm August/Nov 2003
Wadi Shab: the cave pool swim, April 2004 oman03wadishab.htm April 2004
Oman, Wadi Quri. omano5quri.htm April 2005
Oman, The Chedi Hotel. oman05chedi.htm April 2005
Asia, Other
Brunei brunei03s.htm March 2003
New Zealand nz05tramp.htm March 2005
Canadian High Arctic
>The Arctic arcticthe.htm April 2003
Preface arcticpreface.htm April 2003
The Canadian Arctic islands a_intro.htm August 2004
Drop off in the wilderness, Northern Ellesmere Island, June 1988 arcticpreface.htm April 2003
Arctic Safari, Axel Heiberg Island, 1982-1984, 1988, 1989 a_safari.htm May 2005
The White Arctic Wolves wolves.htm July 1989
Polar bears 1989polar.htm July 1989
Chased by a musk ox a_muskox.htm June 1983
"Camp move on Ellesmere Island", June 1989 campmove.htm June 1989
"Only one load", Expedition Fiord, Axel Heiberg Island, July 1989 oneload.htm June 1989
The French-Canadian cook of the Eureka Weather Station, Ellesmere Island, July 1989 eurekacook.htm July 1989
Twin Otter landings on the tundra a_twinotter.htm 1982-1989
Jeffy and his guns: the wolf was smarter a_jeffy.htm 1982-1989
Treacherous glacier stream crossings on Ellesmere Island a_stream.htm 1982-1989
The Eureka weather station on Ellesmere Island, July 1988: Back to comfort. a_eureka.htm 1988
Canadian High Arctic - Epiloque a_epilogue.htm Feb 2003
Canada, Other
Aunt Margaret's cottage and the Chief, Georgian Bay (Lake Huron), Ontario, September 1984 georgian.htm September 1984
Baby seal hunt in Newfoundland, 1985 sealhunt.htm September 1984
On the edge in Newfoundland, 1987 edgenfld.htm July-August 1987
A single afternoon in Whitehorse, Southern Yukon 06yu_whitehorse.htm July 2006
The Firth River Rafting Trip, Northern Yukon ss_yukon.htm July 2006
Sahara Hotel 1975 (English) algerenglish.htm August 1975
Sahara Hotel 1975 (Dutch) algerdutch.htm August 1975
Winter in Egypt: il Villa H. 05egypt.htm December 2005
Canary Islands. ss_canary.htm January 2006
Contemporary caveman of San Pedro, Spain, September 1994 sanpedro.htm August 2002
Picos de Europe, Spain, July 2004 sanpedro.htm August 2002
Crossing Etna in one day, June 2003 etna.htm June 2003
Gran Sasso, Italy. ss_appen.htm June 2005
Scotland ss_scotland.htm Various
Iceland ss_iceland.htm July 2006
Enjoy it while it lasts (English) enjoy.htm August 2002
Enjoy it while it lasts (Dutch) enjoydutch.htm August 2002
Do we need nature? (English) doweneednature.htm August 2002
Land use and climate change (English) landuse.htm August 2002

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