Arctic Hares

Arctic hares and Mokka Fiord salt dome (with deep valleys; mountain 6 km across, 500 m high), Eastern Axel Heiberg Island.


Mature Arctic hare

Young Arctic hare, few weeks old, hiding relying on its camouflage color.

The white Arctic Hares or 'bunnies' as we call them can be very common on the grassy hills of Axel Heiberg Island. At times, hills with lots of grass are covered with thousand of white dots.

In July, young hares are born and these hide in sparse grass, trusting their earth brown camouflage colour resembling the soil.

During the warm period around the 13th century, Innuits of the Thule Culture had summer hunting camps in this area for rabbits. There are still large semi circles of stones [1] used for traps and smaller rings of stone [1] used to hold down tents.