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Photo's from a trek in Nepal, October/November 1997 including best pictures around the world.

Here are photos from the Khumbu (Everest) region of Nepal taken in October/November 1997. To see each one, click on the title in the first column below, then return to the index using your browser's "Back" button.

TITLE (to click on)File nameDate
Map of trekmap Oct/Nov 1998
Several pictures from Jean van Berkel (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).nepal Oct/Nov 1998
Several pictures from Dick Lust, Carla Beers and Jan Hoek (Purmerend, Enkhuizen, Zoetermeer, the Netherlands).dickcarl Oct/Nov 1998
76 pictures from Ian Cumming (Vancouver, Canada).nepal Oct/Nov 1998
Best picture of the Nepal trip.lama Oct/Nov 1998
Top of Chukung Ri, 5500 m altitude.chukung Oct/Nov 1998

Best pictures around the world from Jean van berkel (Canadian Arctic Islands, Tibet, China, Newfoundland and Amsterdam; Under development).

TITLE (to click on)File nameDate
Arctic rabbits on Axel Heiberg Island in front of a Salt Dome (500 meter high mountain, 5 by 7 km).arcticra Jul 1982
Glacier near Hare Fiord, Ellesmere Island.aglacier Jul 1989
Glacier near Hare Fiord, Ellesmere Island.avalley Jul 1989
Tibetan sheperd boy, Eastern Tibet.boy Sep 1996
Chinese twins in Beijing with a friend. wall Sep 1996
Unrestored Chinese Wall North of Beijing.wall Sep 1996
Southern Longe Range Mountains, SW Newfoundland. Flying Hughes 500-D helicopter of Viking helicopters.helifly Aug 1987
Skating on the down-town canals in Amsterdam (Keizersgracht).skating Feb 1996

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