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Table of Contents "On the road to Kabul and other short stories of treks"

Enjoy it, while it lasts

We could not get an early flight from Edinburgh to Amsterdam so we took the next available flight to London and waited an hour for the flight to Amsterdam. Now I would be home around 10 PM instead of 6 and miss Friday Night Skate. The flight to London had no meal for us as we boarded late and despite having a business class ticket. The meal looked (and smelled) good, a sandwich with smoked salmon.

Luckily, the small London City Airport had a good cafeteria with California style lunches and the Tabouilli salad (with millet) was good although I had the last one and my colleague had to take something so we shared the meal.

Boarding the plane we were again unluckily as we checked in late and got the back seats. The flight started bumpy and despite repeated calls, the stewardess would not let me go to the toilet. Finally I got a signal and I was the first person using it but I forgot to lock the door. "Excuse me", when the door flung open.

As I went back to my seat from the front of the plane all the way to the back, I noticed a 4-year old boy with long curly hair that travelled with his father. The stewardesses gave him a lot of attention and thought he was sooo cute! My female colleague agreed. Indeed he did look like an angel boy that that came down from heaven and he was very aware of the attention.

Being tired and also still irritated from missing the 15.30 direct flight to Amsterdam, I said to the stewardess "What about me, I was like that when I was 4 years old". She looked at me and gave me her professional smile without an answer but of course I understood. This was an angel child, who cared about a middle aged, semi-bald man with short hair. I tried once more with: "I have pictures to prove this". Apart from a laugh from my colleague, this did not make an impression.

When leaving the plane I said to the little Angel: "Enjoy it while you can".