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Table of Contents "On the road to Kabul and other short stories of treks"

Picos de Europe, North-West Spain

Picos de Europe with the Cares Gorge, view from the South. After Google Earth.

View at the Cares Gorge from the canal down from Oston to the route to Cabana Vigon, green valley in the far distance leads to right of the tip of the forest (top, middle) through a steep canal. Elevation difference 1000 m.

Similar as above, but from a satelite and larger picture. Shows route day 1 from Lago de Ercina to thee Cares Gorge. After Google Earth.

1. Walking and mountaineering routes in the Picos de Europe

See link: Picos routes

2. Escape from the Cares Gorge

See link: Escape from the Cares Gorge

Jou Santu sink hole with the pass comming up from Cain, 2000 m. Photographs taken by .... during a sunny day

3. Parador puddles puttering up the Picos peņas

See link: Parador puddles puttering up the Picos peņas.

Refugio Cabaņa Veronica with the Peņa Vieja mountain (2619 m) in the back ground. Trail up through the highest snow field (top left)

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